Real Estate Marion

Owning A Home from a Seasoned Custom Home Builder

The meaning of owning property in Marion, Iowa is simple. Owning real estate in these thriving communities and the surrounding cities means that you own land and property. Your property can entail a beautiful green home, a garage, a building for storage, a pool house, and much more. The size of the area your home sits on can be as small as a postage stamp, or you could be the owner of a few acres or several acres of land. Real estate means you are the owner. You have the right to ownership. When you buy property, you can buy just the land, or you can buy the land and all the fixed structures on that area of land.
Along with this ownership does come absolute rights. Absolute rights give you ownership to the land, all buildings on the grounds, crops, free-running water, such as creeks, lakes, waterfalls and ponds, trees, and mineral rights. If you purchase 20 acres of land and strike oil, you are the sole owner and collect royalties off that oil, not the previous owners. Real estate comes in a few different varieties. You can buy residential property and use your purchase for your primary residence. This primary residence can be a newly built home by one of the leading home builders in Iowa. The property you purchase can be a commercial entity. This type of purchase may include malls, individual shops and retail stores of different varieties, medical office buildings, educational buildings, hotels, apartment complexes, a home that you rent out, and many forms of industrial settings. It is wise to purchase your property in a growing, safe, and prosperous community such as those found in the cities of Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa. We have quality green homes move-in ready that make an incredible investment for you in many surrounding communities, such as:

  • Iowa City
  • North Liberty
  • Coralville
  • Hiawatha
  • Center Point
  • Solon
  • Mount Vernon

In each of these beautiful cities, you find our mark in the world of real estate with quality-built green homes offering the homeowner amazing, beautiful curb appeal. Any growing and prosperous community is an excellent real estate investment for the long term because this type of investment increases in value over time.

Home Investment, ROI, and Your Property

You own some land, and you own the structures sitting on that land. In rare instances, property can be taken away from you. However, to lose property is a rare occurrence. Buying real estate as a significant, yet affordable, investment in one of our thriving communities gives you a high return if you decide to sell. You hang onto this investment for as long as you desire until you sell it for more than you paid. If you buy one of our homes already on land for $250,000, and in 10 years, you resell your property and home for $400,000, you made a significant initial property return on investment. Our homeowners who decide to buy a newly built home or have a house built for them have made money on their initial investment when and if they choose to sell. When you own property that has an eco-friendly and quality-built home on it, your property represents the highest quality as well. Our newer homes built under 20 years prior and mainly within the last year show amenities off the charts that include a high income from tenants with little-to-no turnover in tenants. Our properties are well located, surrounded by nearby shopping, prime school districts, hospitals, churches, restaurants, and more. These Class A properties offer a good return if and when you decide to sell. We are strictly Class A properties.

Benefits of Our Custom Homes Later On

The following are some solid tips found in the property industry from informational sites for the aspiring homeowner before they consider buying land and a home. Always look for a return on your investment should you decide to sell your property and home. Quality, eco-friendly homes through Martin Built Homes is a plus, always providing homeowners an excellent return on their investment should they decide to resell their quality-built home. Many property agents say you should not “over-improve” your home. There is nothing you need to do to our quality-built homes unless it is new decor inside, a fresh coat of paint after several years, or other superficial updates. Our homes are built to last for years into the future and need no updating for a long, long time. Our quality homes are beautiful, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, comfortable, and, most of all, affordable.

our Professionals Will Guide You to Your Perfect Home

At Martin Built Homes, we are here to guide and direct your pathway to new home ownership. Many prior clients have trusted us as advisors and as a guide to lead them through the process of homeownership and new builds. With over 20 years of experience in the field of constructing new energy-efficient homes, our communities have come to trust our name in the industry of new home builds. You never have to worry about hidden costs or fees. All our figures are upfront, honest and sincere, allowing us to give you the very best new home ownership experience. One of the most important things that we can tell you is this: Take an earnest look at your finances and budget to make sure you can proceed with a new home build even though our prices are affordable and we can work around most budgets. You must make sure that you can handle the mortgage payment. You never want to lose your investment back to the bank because you made a mistake. Never let your wants and desires override what you can afford to spend. If you need to wait a few more years to save up more money, know that this can be a wise decision as well. Read, research, and educate yourself with what “going green” is all about in one of our homes, and then get ready for significant savings. Know the market value of your potential home. You are the best one to know if you are getting a great deal, and our building contractor would not steer you in the wrong direction as you come to realize that they are your real estate mentor, your source of information, and your guiding light through the whole new home-build process.