Custom Homes Marion

A Lot to Consider

You spent a lot of time thinking about a custom-built home versus a spec home because you want to purchase another house. You decided you want to upgrade your current living space. You heard that fascinating things are happening in and around the area where you currently reside in the building of custom homes. There is a home-building contractor named Martin Built Homes who has been in business for well over 20 years in building energy-efficient homes in Marion, Iowa and the surrounding areas. You have asked around and visited our website and found amazingly beautiful houses for sale. One reason you decided to buy another home is that your energy bills are off the charts. Your home is from the 1940s, the neighborhood is not like it once was, and you think it best to move. You are environmentally conscious and want another home, new if possible, and highly energy efficient. You read about us, studied verifiable reviews about our company’s building methods and decided that we are the professionals that will set your plans in motion. You love living in Iowa and want to stay in the area, but would consider another city to live. You find that we can accommodate your wishes in other towns, including Cedar Rapids, Solon, Mount Vernon, Iowa City, Coralville, Center Point and Anamosa. The fascinating thing you found out was that we are building green custom homes, homes that are energy efficient!

Plan Before Purchasing A Custom Built Home

The prospects of buying a custom-built home are exciting and seem like a lot of fun. You need a contractor, such as Martin Built Homes, that will walk you through every step of the building process. We always work closely with all buyers of our custom homes. We have photographs in a gallery of already-built homes that are move-in ready, or we can create a house according to your preferences. This choice is indeed a big decision. You found out that it will not take a year for the build, just around 120 days, and your newly created, energy-efficient home is ready to move into and enjoy. You feel that 120 days is no time at all to wait for your dream home, so you can start saving on monthly energy costs. The prospects are endless with us, and you cannot wait to call and talk with us about your expectations for the future. The whole idea comes as an appealing plan. However, you want to research what a custom-built home really means, because the real definition of the word “custom” is a bit confusing, and you need to clarify this word.

What to Expect of the Process

You are probably one of the hundreds of other prospective homeowners who think about buying a custom-built home and then become dubious about the whole plan and end up buying a pre-built home. The steps within the building and buying process are usually confusing and easily misunderstood. You always assumed that you would first search for land to build your home. You would then find a person or an architect to design your home according to your specifications. At this point, your search for three contractors ends when each builder gives you a bid in writing on the work you need, and you accept the lowest contractor’s bid. In actuality, the steps leading to the building of your custom home is a tightly woven process and not at all what you envisioned. There is a much smoother process to follow. First of all, you choose a building contractor to help you pick out the land for your newly built home, and you continue to work with your mentor. This contractor takes all the stress, work, and worry off your shoulders. All you have to do is express your desires regarding custom homes so that this contractor can make your wishes come true. At Martin Built Homes, we will walk you through the whole custom-building process from beginning to end. You must become a team player in this process. You are the boss, your contractor is a leader in this process, and the professionals who work with this contractor are your team. You will soon find that you, along with your contractor and the rest of your squad, frequently meet in a huddle to make decisions about your custom home to carry out your exact specifications. We strive to make this whole process exciting and fun.

Unique and Personalized Custom Built Homes

Custom homes are custom because you put your mark on everything within that home. You choose what trim you want at the ceilings and mop boards. You choose wall coverings, such as paper, tile, and paint, just to name a few. You choose your style of kitchen cupboards; now you must select the color and the wood. You select the specific material of your kitchen and bathroom countertops and the color. You must decide on which type of flooring you want and the color. The custom homes this contractor builds are highly energy efficient and eco-friendly. Making your new home energy efficient requires you to make other decisions. You decide what kind, color, and size of kitchen appliances you want in your home. You need this experienced, esteemed builder of custom, energy-efficient homes. Our experience in the industry for over 30 years shouts perfection and beautiful craftsmanship, and you cannot go through this process alone. You need your contractor to help you decide what decisions are good ones and the choices you make that require a reconsideration. There are many decisions regarding standard furnishings and the furnishings that are hand-picked by you, which are keys to the term custom homes. Your home will be one-of-a-kind, unlike any other house on the market because you put your personal touches in the home. Pre-built custom, energy-efficient homes can be tailored to meet some of your expectations. However, when you do not put your mark on every facet of your custom home, the house becomes a spec home and not a one-of-a-kind house. You are wise to make the first decision regarding your custom-built home, which is to contact us at Martin Built Homes, where our business foundation is centered around Marion, Iowa and the surrounding area. Make the first appointment to speak with us about your wishes, expectations, and desires to create a custom-built, energy-efficient home.