Floor Plans Cedar Rapids

Never Build Your Home Without Definitive Plans

If you live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Marion, or you are relocating to one of these two cities or one of the following areas, you may be seeking the services of an award-winning home builder for your next green home:

  • Iowa City
  • North Liberty
  • Coralville
  • Hiawatha
  • Center Point
  • Solon
  • Mount Vernon

So, you’ve decided that your next home is going to be a green home, eco-friendly and quality built to last for generations to come. You even discovered Martin Built Homes, an esteemed home builder, to create your dream home. You trust us because we have been in the business of building homes for over 20 years and we are an award-winning contractor who comes highly recommended by prior homeowners. The first thing you discover about us is that we have eight different floor plans, but you are not entirely sure what a floor plan includes or what we include in each of the various floor plans. The first thing you learn is that a floor plan is merely a drawing or layout of the home’s design. A floor plan shows the location of the home’s interior, such as where the walls begin and end, the placement of the windows, the exterior and interior doors, and stairwells. The floor plan shows all fixed components, such as kitchen appliances and cupboards, work islands, bar and patio doors, and more depending on your desires and the standard house plans. Bathrooms show the location of the tub and shower, sinks, toilet, and more depending on your additional options. We will provide an in-depth, detailed plan for your future green home, including the following.

  • Detailed Floor Plan
  • ExteriorsFront of the Home
  • Foundation
  • Basement Layout
  • Structural Supports
  • Detailed Cross Section
  • Electrical Plans
  • Roofing Plans
  • Standard Amenities
  • Options / Choices

The Purpose of Scaled Drawings for Your Home

The purpose of floor plans is to give you and our team a bird’s-eye view of what your entire home looks like before the build begins. These plans are subject to change by us with your approval and agreement. You can also request changes be made to our plans if we agree that it is in your best interest. We will include the square footage of the home on the floor plans as well as all measurements, furniture placements, appliances, and everything else necessary to your ideas for creating your dream home. These plans are essential to establish where electrical wiring runs to various planned lighting, appliances and outlets. These plans are also crucial to the plumber, giving them an idea of what you require in the area of water supplies inside and outside the home. Heating and cooling professionals need to know where to hook up your HVAC system and where to run the duct work and to which rooms. Plans for your future home are not just for us, but for the whole team of professionals responsible for making sure you have a beautiful and safe home to move into on your scheduled date. A floor plan draws out where property lines end. This information helps us in landscaping your property and in installing sidewalks and driveways. Additionally, these plans lay out the location of trees, shrubs, fences, and flowerbeds. No builder can do an excellent job without a detailed and complete floor plan.

It Takes the Expertise of a Skilled Home Builder

Not everyone can draw up floor plans, as they take the expertise of an architect or seasoned building contractor. This type of written plan is drawn to scale, showing your future green home from above looking down into the structure of the house. If the home has more than one level, including the basement, the builder sketches out each floor according to scale. This plan includes how rooms space out, stairs, hallways, entries, walls and their lengths, room sizes, and more. The plan that the builder provides to you gives you a clear and concise idea of what your home is going to look like exactly. There are some builders and buyers who agree that floor plans are not a vital part of a new home build and rely on photographs to meet this need. There are far more building contractors, including us, who say these plans are crucial and a necessary step toward creating the type of quality home you expect.

What We Offer You in Plans

At Martin Built Homes, we are an Iowa new home builder that is exact and precise in our drawings of plans for your home build. We have eight distinctive styles in all of our plans. It is a good idea to access our website to view all eight plans. Some changes are flexible in standard plans, and our goal is to give you a dream home according to your wishes, within the budget and structural aspects of the home, and help you live a more comfortable life in your new green home. Our website provides all the easy-to-read-and-understand standard plans for each type of home, such as the Augusta, Wheatland, Bayhill, Turnberry, Riviera, Fawn Creek, Quail Hollow, and Medinah. Contact to us to see which floor plan meets your particular taste, style, and lifestyle. We will always work to customize your floor plan if there is an aspect that you would like to change, making it wholly unique for you and not following any of these standard plans.

Advanced Technology Offers a Unique Look

One way to draw out the plans is to define them in 3D. These plans provide the buyer with a virtual look at their new home. A 3D image conveys a better look into what the house offers. However, if you are trying to keep cost down, you may not want to go with a 3D image, since it can be considered an added, unnecessary expense to some. A drawing rendering of the interior and exterior of your home is usually quite sufficient to give you a good idea of the layout of the house.

Hire the Best

We at Martin Built Homes are seasoned and experienced in the green home industry with over 20 years to our credit. In being considered one of the best home builders means you are getting a highly experienced home contractor that is honest and upstanding in the communities they serve. We have no hidden fees or costs, we are timely, have open communication, are considered leaders in the industry, and are mentors from the start of your new green home to its completion. We look forward to the day we hand over the keys to your new green home and you can finally move in and enjoy life to the fullest.