Home Design Cedar Rapids

Eight Specific Design Plans Individualized

Your style, taste, favorite colors, and preferred lighting comprise your particular home design. No home has the same decor, colors, designs, patterns, or furniture because everyone is different. You create the inside and outside of your home in a way that makes you happy, content, comfortable, and proud. As the leaders in home builders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the surrounding communities, such as Marion, Hiawatha, North Liberty, Iowa City, Coralville, Anamosa, Solon, Center Point, and Mount Vernon, we at Martin Built Homes have added a specific decor in the homes that we build. In the communities we serve, we have a particular way of designing homes that outshine any other house in today’s market. All you need to do is look at one of our homes, and you know in an instant that we created a style all our own, but around your choices and your desires for your home design.
You are the one who gets to choose the kind of ceiling and floor molding you want. You get to select the type of flooring you wish, from carpet, stone, wood, laminate, and more. You get to choose the type of wood you want your cabinets made from and the color of those cabinets. The list of choices that you must make for your new home is endless, and Martin Built Homes will walk you through the process. Prior clients of ours love the style and exquisite taste of our design and building team. We are quality builders and our team of professionals create specific floor plans for each and every home. You, the client, purchase a quality-built and eco-friendly home with a design plan that suits your taste and style. Once the build on your new home completes and move-in day arrives, you add your specific decor. In the beginning, you helped us to create a one-of-a-kind home from the you specific choices in style and the floor plans we set in motion. In the end, you add the finishing touches that tell the world there is not another home quite like yours. Floor plans from us take the form of the Augusta, Wheatland, Bayhill, Turnberry, Riviera, Fawn Creek, Quail Hollow, and the Medinah.

Trends in Designs Cycle

Trends in home designs cycle and change. However, if you find an interior decor design that you like, you may choose to use the décor, whether it is currently a trend or not. You may embrace the colors of rose gold. You may want subway tiles in your kitchen and bath areas in addition to exposed lighting. These items were top sellers in 2018. Every year brings with it new designs that we can work into your new home. As you do your research, you may like home designs that were trending in the 1800s. It’s not dictated that you have to use a current year to design your new home, since trends will change year after year, and even tend to circle back with time. Since more people are recycling, going green, and fast becoming environmentally friendly, you may appreciate the natural colors adorning your home. You may want more windows without coverings to let more of the natural light from outside to filter through your home. You may appreciate a more organic touch to your home. This natural look embodies peace and tranquility in your space. The design trend you pick should be a design that you can live with for several years before you find a need to change your decor, as this can be an expensive endeavor.

Choices for Home Furnishings

Your choices for home furnishings are wide and varied. Designers give homeowners endless examples for various styles of decor in the home. Artisan-style fixtures are popular every year. Some clients appreciate a handcrafted light source. There is enjoyment in seeing a work of art hanging from a ceiling or sitting on a table, knowing that the artist handcrafted your light to pass the trend test year after year. Choosing an artisan style of lighting is never going to be the same because the artist never creates the same design twice. Every light is different and unique and establishes a focus on a more natural look in your home rather than a high-tech look. Place the focus on individual style in the home, considering that 2019 trends are becoming more natural. This style will be a favorite year after year for any homeowner. A more natural form of style demands a slowness in life at home, peace and absolute tranquility. Natural decor means you choose organic elements in your home, such as natural materials like stone and granite.
The 1800s and 1900s were part of the Victorian era, in which homeowners utilized a lot of bright floral prints and velvet. In our more modern times, society saw velvet as dull, boring, and old-fashioned. Now, the Victorian era in home designs seems to be making a comeback, especially in 2019, where decor take on bolder colors not otherwise expected in a home. Bright oranges and reds are trending for 2019.

The Endless List of Design Trends

It is essential to review all of your deepest desires for your newly built home. You must be able to communicate to the builder your list of choices for your living space. As your contractor, we can work in some of your home designs to add your individuality into your home. With such an abundance of design ideas, this may seem like a daunting challenge. When you find what you like, your ideal design strikes you hard, and you know that this is undoubtedly your style and preference. A few examples of home design trends take the form of modern, in which the colors are dull, with the presence of metal, lots of glass and a steel interior representing a sleek appearance, aesthetic and clean without a lot of extra clutter. Contemporary styles are not too much unlike the modern-style home. These homes do not represent so much of one particular style but a combination of styles. The Industrial design represents an unfinished element. For example, the builder may leave exposed brick and exposed ductwork and pipes running across ceilings. Doors may follow the barn door look hanging from entryways on heavy iron sliders. A look of this sort follows that of an old warehouse. Bright-colored metal light fixtures may hang on long cords from the ceilings. Your job is to research and know a bit about each style, and then communicate your preferences to your home builder.