Home Builders Cedar Rapids

An Experienced Custom Home Builder

You finally decided to move out of your home and into a new custom-built home. Just thinking of this whole process sets your nerves on edge because all you feel you must do is pick out a house that is new and one that you think you would like to live in for the rest of your life. Confusion sets in because you do not know what makes custom-built homes so intriguing and unique. You live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and found out that Martin Built Homes is one of the best home builders in the area, constructing homes for over 30 years. You believe that no business stays solvent for so many years if they are not doing things the right way.

Searching for the Perfect Custom Home Builder

You start to think about the virtues of the best home builder and begin your search for this builder to customize your energy-efficient home. You are seeking a builder, such as us at Martin Built Homes, who:

  • Is licensed, insured, and seasoned with over five years in the building industry
  • Believes in energy efficiency and is concerned about the environment
  • Is honest, trustworthy
  • Is budget sensitive
  • Shows high morals, integrity, excellent reputation
  • Seasoned builder for over five years
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Affordable
  • Stress reliever
  • Cooperative
  • Closely listens to your wishes
  • Takes time to offer explanations
  • Respectful of you, your family and his employees
  • Creative artistry and detail-oriented
  • Friendly, helpful, optimistic
  • Embraces perfection
  • Reliable, hard worker
  • Sincere and sensitive to budgets
  • Wise, educated, knowledgeable, a mentor
  • Always professional but with a sense of humor
  • On time for your appointments
  • Meets time frames as set

Once you get your list of the virtues you want to see in your chosen contractor, and although you know that no one is perfect, you want to find someone who displays at least a few of these characteristics. You start asking around and reading personal and verifiable customer reviews about the work that has been done for previous homeowners. The next thing you do is make an appointment to meet with our company. The meeting went well, and you were shocked and surprised that out of the three home builders you met with, Martin Built Homes is the contractor that caught your eye and seemed to possess many of your listed virtues. This finding was substantiated by previous clients who all had custom homes built by us. We are who you decide to hire to be your new home builder. With no more questions, the confusing search for the perfect builder is over.

Not Created Equal

Unfortunately, not all home builders are created equal, but at Martin Built Homes, we are above the rest. Meeting every one of these virtues is quite challenging for some contractors. However, you expect to see perfectionism throughout your most expensive project: a custom-built, energy-efficient home. The work your chosen contractor does must be perfect, and their unique craftsmanship must shine through – after all, you are spending a lot of your hard-earned money to purchase this dream home. Anything less than perfect is not going to work for you.

General Requirements for Home Builders

Home builders must like to be around people and enjoy working with teams of professionals to get the job done right the first time. Most states across the United States require similar education to build homes. Students in the building industry can obtain experience and training in three different ways. They can complete on-the-job training. This education takes one to 12 months to complete. At this time, they become an apprentice, working with a licensed home building contractor, which takes two to six years of apprenticeship to complete. In place of this apprenticeship, they can attend classes in construction for two years, at which time they earn their associate’s degree in the home builders’ industry. This educational course teaches them the basics in the field of construction, building codes, project scheduling, materials used on the job, and testing of learned knowledge. The apprentice learns how to read blueprints and focus on and solve building problems; in addition, they must become expert in math concepts for calculating dimensions and measurements and in ordering building materials and supplies. Many builders also have expertise in the areas of carpentry and masonry skills.Some states do not require licensing for the building contractor. However, Iowa requires the builder to be licensed by the state’s board of building contractors. Accreditation may come through the Home Builders’ Institute. The builder must be in good physical condition due to the demands of this job, including working outside in all kinds of weather, heavy lifting, standing, and extensive walking for long periods of time. The builder must have some knowledge about operating heavy machinery and must have some creativity and artistry to design custom-built homes. A home builder may take additional studies in interior design and earn a bachelor’s degree with this focus. If a builder wishes to create huge buildings, a bachelor’s degree is useful, and local licensing may be required. At Martin Built Homes, we are fully licensed and educated in the industry.

The Perfect Custom Home Builder

Look at all the virtues on your virtue list, add these items to all that a builder must earn in the construction industry to get degrees and apprenticeships, coupled with the number of years the builder is in business. This all equals the perfect custom home-building contractor. It makes no sense to continue your search for home builders as you found who you need to hire to build your custom energy-efficient, eco-friendly, home. Martin Built Homes shows excellent qualifications to start and complete the process of creating your dream home. We will help you choose your lot, your design ideas, your new home’s floor plan, and so much more. We walk you through the building process and are on-site daily to oversee the construction progress, avoid problems, and solve issues that may be unavoidable. We are fully aware of how overwhelming it can be during the building process of your new customized and energy-efficient home. It is for these reasons that we look forward to becoming your mentor and helping you to reach your goals. Completion of your home means you have a newly built, customized, high-quality, affordable, comfortable home. A perfect end result is not possible without our sincere commitment to serving your housing needs in a unique manner.