Buying a Home Cedar Rapids

We Make Green Dream Homes a Reality

Maybe you are a first-time home buyer or perhaps you owned your home for many years. You’ve made the decision that you want a more energy-efficient home, so you start searching for a builder to build that dream home. If you live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa or any of the surrounding areas, such as Marion, North Liberty, Coralville, Hiawatha, Iowa City, Solon, Center Point, Mount Vernon, or Anamosa, you are in the company of an award-winning home building contractor. At Martin Built Homes, we create some of the most amazing eco-friendly and environmentally-safe homes on the market today. We create a style all our own with many floor plans to choose from, and we make sure to incorporate your style and taste into the home. Buying a house is one of the most exciting events to take place in any potential homeowner’s life and one of the most expensive purchases you will probably ever make. Never fear, because this esteemed home builder takes all your fears, work, and worry off your shoulders and makes the experience of home buying fun and enjoyable. There are no worries about buying a newly built home from us because we are seasoned and have been building homes for over 20 years. We are trustworthy, upfront, honest, experienced, and we know the ins and outs of green home living. Our eco-friendly homes are amazingly beautiful and built to last. Buying a newly created home means you are buying from the contractor who built that home, so there are some important reminders to consider before you make your purchase.

What to Consider When Buying a Newly Built Home

Whether you’re buying a house newly built according to your desired specifications or a pre-finished house from the builder, you first must find a great contractor who has experience. At Martin Built Homes, we have over 20 years in the home-building industry, and we listen when you speak about your desires and wishes for your home. We have no hidden agenda and do not build in any hidden fees or costs. We are honest, trustworthy, and we will remain on-schedule with your build. We prefer open and ongoing communication with you and will stay by your side from the beginning to the completion of your build. Look no further, as your search for a building contractor ends here with an award-winning home builder and a community leader in newly built green homes across Iowa. Martin Built Homes is highly respected in the Marion, Cedar Rapids, and surrounding areas and has developed numerous homes throughout Iowa, so much so that there is a high level of trust from the beginning. Feel free to check our license and expertise level by touring our homes by appointment and speaking with prior clients that have had homes built by us. Feel free to ask us about our insurance while on your property. Check with your homeowner’s insurance agent to find out if you need an extension on your insurance while we build on your property. Word of mouth is the best verification you can get for a builder who you want to hire. Ask about prices and square footage of homes so that you can communicate your financial state and budget. We are sensitive to these issues and know how sound your budget is before you legally commit to buying a house that is newly built.

Be a Wise Negotiator

It does not hurt anything if you negotiate the prices already set by the builder. We want to work within your set budget and do not want you buying a house that you cannot afford. Before committing to buying a house, it is a good business practice to get everything in writing. There needs to be a clear understanding and agreement between you and the builder as to what you agreed upon written into your final contract. On average, it generally takes our team of professionals approximately 120 days from the beginning to the completion of a newly built home. This schedule is pending any rare and unavoidable interruptions that come from third-party entities, such as manufacturers supplying materials for the build arriving on time and the various plans and time constraints of hired electricians, plumbers, floor professionals, and more. We have an open communication policy. However, verbal agreements are never legally binding. As skilled as we are and as accurate as you believe you are, there can be unavoidable confusion and misunderstandings in verbal directives. Getting every detail in writing is legal and binding, protecting both the buyer and the seller. A legally written agreement is vital to an excellent ongoing relationship with your builder. Make sure that we have a clear understanding of your hopes, dreams, and desires for inside and outside your newly planned home, as well as your style and particular taste in all aspects of the house.

Can You Afford a Newly Built Green Home?

Calculate and recalculate with your contractor to be sure you are not buying a house you cannot afford to pay for monthly. There are standard furnishings that come with every home that represent no extra costs to you. However, there are amenities you can choose as extras that raise the usual price of the house. Talk over any extras with your builder to make sure you do not go over your budget. Initially, find out from your builder what comes standard in the home design on which you decide. Find out if the price the builder quotes you in the beginning is likely to change and for what reason. Know that we have no hidden fees or costs. Talk with others who have newly-built homes and find out if their home remained within a set price. Delays sometimes cost money for the buyer, so speak with us and find out what costs are involved if there is an unavoidable delay in the completion of your build. It is wise to hire an inspector to make sure your new house is code-ready and safe before you move in as a reassuring thought, however Martin Built Homes has never had an issue. Be sure to seek information in regard to warranties. Find out in writing what the manufacturer covers under specific warranties and what is not covered and for how long. Being a wise homeowner assures your move-in day is exciting and uneventful, and you can start a new chapter in your life in your beautiful, newly-built green home.