Homes for Sale Cedar Rapids

Do You Think You Cannot Afford an Expensive Home Builder?

The consensus of many current homeowners when searching for homes for sale or first-time home buyers is that they cannot afford to hire a home builder. If you think you cannot afford to buy a new home, you may be surprised. Looking into purchasing a newly built home or building a new home according to your specifications is just a phone call away. Never think that a quality home-building contractor cannot work within your budget. Never believe that this home builder, who has an array of attractive, energy-efficient homes for sale, cannot make the most finicky buyer comfortable, happy, and cozy in a new green home. As a resident already living in one of our building areas or if you are moving to the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, you are in the company of one of the most-seasoned and esteemed home builders this area offers. At Martin Built Homes, we are a green home builder and have a gallery of homes for sale that is sure to please a wide array of buyers. Chose a home that fits your budget and needs by making an appointment with Martin Built Homes. Discover how we may be able to make your dream home come into play by building you a house according to your unique taste and style. See how we can save you loads of money with your new efficient home. We work with smaller budgets and can build you a comfortable energy-efficient house that measures about 1,600 square feet for about $200,000 and up, depending on your finances.

In and Around Cedar Rapids

Marion, Cedar Rapids, Anamosa, Center Point, Solon, Mount Vernon, Iowa City, Coralville, and Mount Vernon – the choice is yours, and we can accommodate your location to build a new home. All you have to do is search through our homes for sale. Our ever-growing communities in and around Marion and Cedar Rapids are glad you chose us as the place where you want to live and prosper. Our community is happy you wanted to be our neighbor, and we are even more delighted that our home builder is located in the area and available to help you realize your dream home. We have scores of homeowners in these areas that can attest to the fact that our quality homes are some of the best homes on the market today. Visit with some of our clients and take tours of our homes. You will never be disappointed that you decided to hire our company to build your next green home. Take a tour through our gallery of homes for sale to see if what we have already created and is move-in ready fits your style, taste, and lifestyle.

Energy Efficiency Is Affordable

You might think that being energy efficient means spending a lot more money, the money you say you do not have to purchase energy-efficient products. We tell you that you cannot not buy energy-efficient products. In the coming years, you will see a marked decrease in your overall energy costs with at least a 30 percent savings throughout the year. Research and read about all the energy-efficient homes built today, and you will realize that not only are these homes going to save you a ton of money over the long run, they are excellent for the environment for generations to come. Energy efficiency comes in various areas. You can choose to build your home off the grid, making your home wholly self-sufficient, or you can concentrate on making your home energy efficient in one or two areas, such as all energy-efficient appliances. An energy-efficient dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, microwave oven, and heating and cooling system are good starts at becoming energy efficient. These appliances will save you a lot of money for years to come.

We Believe in Open Communication

During the building process of your new energy-efficient home, we remain by your side. We can communicate with you every day. You can come and visit us at the building site of your home to check on our progress. Having close communication with our building contractor means fewer interruptions in your day once you move into your new house. Keeping in close contact with your builder means there are fewer recalls in the future to fix mistakes or redo unhappy choices made during the planning stages of your home. Our esteemed builder is here to guide and direct your preferences and desires. Once you talk to us about your design and style, you can let us know about any changes you would like us to make in your initial plans. It is possible for us to change floor plans and materials agreed-upon at the beginning of your build and even during the build, which is a reassuring thought.
Every person is different, with varying styles and designs in mind. It is for this reason that we offer so many pre-built homes because we do have clients looking for homes for sale that are ready to move into and enjoy immediately. We realize that every one of our clients has differing tastes and styles for every aspect inside and outside the home. Call us so you can take a tour of one or several of our newly completed homes and know that there is not one thing you look at in that home that did not warrant a decision on taste and style. We realize that maybe at the time of planning you believed you wanted a specific trim but then decided that another form of trim would fit your style better. We at Martin Built Homes are flexible and can change these things to better suit your tastes. Even if your move-in date comes and goes and you still have some concerns, call us right away so that we can make sure you remain comfortable in your new home. Because you chose to look at our houses for sale, we want you to be highly satisfied, living with peace daily in the decision to go with one of the most respected home builders in today’s market.