Small Backyard? You Can Still Have a Private Pool Experience

Small Backyard? You Can Still Have a Private Pool Experience

Small Backyard? You Can Still Have a Private Pool Experience

June 25, 2021

Pools are a great resource for exercise, fun, and relaxation. If you feel that your yard is too small for a pool to be feasible, you’ll be surprised at the smart and reasonable options at your disposal for creating a private pool experience even within a smaller space! Here are a few things to consider in your backyard plans.

Designing a Pool for a Small Backyard

According to Aquavisions, the size and shape of your pool will depend on the shape and layout of your backyard space. Narrow yards are a great opportunity for modern-style rectangular pools or wrap-around pools that utilize the space on the side of your house you otherwise wouldn’t do anything with. You also shouldn’t feel like it has to remain in your grassy area! Your pool can stretch out to near your back porch area, even benefitting from whatever shady pergolas or screens hang over your sitting areas. Small, circular pools are the perfect option if you just want the means to take a quick dip and relax in cool water on those especially hot days; plus, these are aesthetically beautiful and versatile pools that you can install on a deck, in your grass, or even in your own private pool house.

A Swim Spa

According to Sonoma Backyard, a swim spa can be a good fit for properties with smaller backyards. Swim spas are different from hot tubs. While controlled temperature is often a popular feature, the bigger feature is the jet capabilities and what they mean for spa users. These pools include a jet system that creates a variable current you can control to different levels of strength. This provides a great workout for swimmers who enjoy the aerobic exercise of distance swimming as they push against the force of the current, or a more intense jet stream for those who enjoy sitting, relaxing, and letting the pressure of those jet streams work on loosening sore muscles.

The Classic Jacuzzi

 Of course, there is much to be said for a classic jacuzzi at your disposal. They’re simple, small, and a great spot for socializing or unwinding whenever you need to. According to Swim University, hot tubs are easy to maintain and a favorite pastime for all ages. If that’s all you need from your backyard pool experience, a jacuzzi may be the perfect fit for you!

You can work with your space to create an environment perfect for your pool in whatever form you choose. Don’t let your small yard scare you away from the pool experience you want!

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