3 Home Additions That Are a Must if You Have Kids

3 Home Additions That Are a Must if You Have Kids

3 Home Additions That Are a Must if You Have Kids

May 25, 2021

You’ve seen during the pandemic exactly how much space you do or do not have. If, like a majority of folks, your family has discovered that they need slightly more space than before. If this is the case, it might be time to have an addition to your home built. But, if you have children, here are some of the most useful things to consider.

Outdoor Space

Having an outdoor space seems more critical than ever. According to BB&T, if you have room to have a yard, there are lots of good reasons to invest in cultivating it into an outdoor space. Besides being beautiful and additional space to enjoy the sunshine and the Vitamin D it helps make in your body, being outdoors can lower your blood pressure. During such stressful times, being able to work at an outdoor table, and enjoy the physical benefits of digging and planting in the soil, can also provide comfort. It’s like gaining an extra room!

A Mudroom

If your family comes into the door and dumps…well, just about everything into the front hallway, having a designated mudroom might help both your sanity and sense of order! According to Flow Wall, a mudroom should be separate from the main entryway. If built with cubby holes for shoes, backpacks, and other items like hats, cameras, and other things. This area can help make sure everyone has the things they need before they leave the house for lessons, once lockdowns are over, as well.

Create a Sensory Playroom

Like many other tools used for non-neurotypical children, sensory play tools can be effective for all children. They can be especially important to those who have been spending a great deal of time indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to HomeAdvisor, sensory tools like large beanbag chairs, hammocks, and climbing walls are useful for children with neurological differences like autism and ADHD.

The pandemic has been intensely stressful to families, and it’s important to remember that this includes the smallest family members. Having outdoor time is critical to their well-being, and so is learning to organize their belongings in a mudroom and learning to let off steam in a healthy way. If you have kids, any of these home additions can be great for your family.

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