Which Rooms Should You Devote More of Your Budget To?

Which Rooms Should You Devote More of Your Budget To?

Which Rooms Should You Devote More of Your Budget To?

May 25, 2021

When it comes to designing a custom home, figuring out how to prioritize your money can be tough. You want everything to be perfect, but most of us have to make some compromises, spending more on some items here, while saving on others. When it comes to making those decisions, one of the things you might want to start with is considering the rooms themselves.

Living Room

Your living room can serve multiple purposes. It’s a place where you can gather as a household, entertain guests, and relax. Because it’s likely to see a great deal of use one way or another, devoting more of your budget to this room may be a good investment. You’ll need to select living room furniture, bearing in mind the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Window treatments, flooring, and accessories will all require funds to get them the way you want. The hope is that you’ll have a living room you love to spend time in by the time you’re done.


Like your living room, your kitchen is likely to see use, both by members of your household and any guests you choose to entertain. The kitchen tends to see a lot heavier use, however, due to the practical nature of what happens there. As such, it’s important to take care when selecting the materials you use in it. In many ways, you get what you pay for. Therefore, if you want quality materials, you’re going to need to spend more money on them. Take your countertops as an example. Granite is a popular material for kitchen countertops, thanks to its durability and beauty. They do come with a higher price tag though. Although granite countertops can be pricey, they require little regular maintenance.


Unlike the previous rooms, bedrooms are generally exclusively for members of your household. Your bedroom makes a huge impact on how well you sleep, which can impact virtually every aspect of life. As such, it makes sense to spend more of your budget here so you can enjoy the benefits of a well-planned bedroom. Carefully plan out where you want it located concerning the rest of the house, and where the windows will be. Opt for comfortable flooring, and choose your colors carefully. Design the bedrooms to be comfortable and conducive to a healthy sleeping environment to create the greatest experience in them.

Figuring out what rooms you should allocate more money to can be a great way to start figuring out where to budget your money on your new custom home. You’ll likely spend a lot of time in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom, so those may be good places to start. Remember, ultimately the idea is to make your home a place you’re comfortable in.

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