What to Expect Once Construction on Your Home is Completed

What to Expect Once Construction on Your Home is Completed

What to Expect Once Construction on Your Home is Completed

February 3, 2022

Perhaps you’ve already found your builder, settled on your design, made a million little choices, and are months into your build. This is a very exciting time, and you want to be prepared for what will happen when your home is completed. Here are three things you should be ready for when construction is complete.

Set Up Utilities

Setting up utilities is a vital step on a new build. Because it takes some forethought to get your utilities up and running, you want to have it on the radar early on. First, you will need to determine who your providers are about a month before your move-in date. Depending on the location of your new home, you may have options to choose from, or you may have a single choice. Remember your gas and electricity, water and sewer, trash collection, and phone, cable, and internet providers. Contact these providers to set up service two weeks before you move in. Finally, check to be sure that your utilities have been successfully turned on when you move in.

Final Walkthrough and Inspection

There will be two separate inspections once everything is finished. The first is the final walkthrough with your builder. This gives you the chance to approve the final product. They will also instruct you on key operating elements of the home, as well as provide warranty information and offer maintenance instructions. Look closely at every surface. Now is the time to point out any flaws that need correction. Also, listen carefully to the maintenance tips you receive. Proper maintenance will help your house stay fully functional and sound for much longer. You should also get an inspection from a third-party home inspector. This will ensure that everything is up to code and built to local standards. It can also detect potentially hazardous problems early on, such as with the electrical wiring. Electrical problems can pose a huge danger to your home if left unresolved.

Remember the Landscaping

Unless hardscaping was included in the design of your new build, you will be faced with a totally blank canvas when it comes to the land surrounding your new home. You should start working with a landscape designer several months before completion of the house. A landscape designer can help work out a plan that will be ready to implement as soon as the last of the construction crews have driven away.

Make sure you are ready to move in at the earliest possible time. You can speed up the process by taking these important steps well ahead of completion. Ideally, your new home will be exactly like you want it inside and out before move-in day.

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