What to Do if You’re Unhappy With a Home’s Stock Features

What to Do if You’re Unhappy With a Home’s Stock Features

What to Do if You’re Unhappy With a Home’s Stock Features

December 20, 2021

Your home might have attracted you because it has good bones and a great location, but you may not like the included stock features. Maybe the home is older and has not been updated, or maybe it is a new home that has been fitted with builder-grade materials. Whatever the reason, it is easy to change out the features you are unhappy with for ones that will better fit your needs. Here are three great ways to customize your home.

Replace Features

There are several stock features that typically need to be upgraded. Builder-grade interior paint is often flat, which is hard to clean and has a dull finish. Cheap or dated flooring can be updated to hardwood or high-quality carpeting. Bottom of the line appliances are easy to trade out, and you can save money by choosing high efficiency models. Stock Cabinets are often cheaply made, and these are easy to replace. Another simple replacement is to trade out your low-quality countertops for quartz or granite. Replacing these features will not only accommodate your needs better, but they will also increase the value of your home.

Create a Custom Design

When simple replacements aren’t enough, you can strip an area down and start from scratch. Common areas to do this are the kitchen and bathrooms. When you start from scratch, you can create a completely custom design. There are many possibilities with a custom home for your bathroom design. Not only can you change features such as the flooring, backsplash, sinks, and vanity, but you can create a modern shower, build a jetted tub area, and even change the layout. The same holds true with a custom designed kitchen. You can change where appliances are located, add an island, and even remove a wall to open the space.

Upgrade on a Budget

Even if you are on a strict budget, there are ways to upgrade your home and make it more attractive. If you can’t afford to replace your kitchen cabinets, you can refinish them with a darker color of stain or a new paint color. To get the most bang for your buck, upgrade hardware. Modern faucets, cabinet handles, and doorknobs take years off your home. On that same note, trendy lighting makes a huge difference. Carefully consider what you and your home really need; a simple paint job might be all you need to brighten your home.

If you don’t like the features of your home, no worries! There are so many ways to improve how your home looks and functions, even on a budget. Just because your home didn’t come with features that you love, doesn’t mean that you can’t have the house of your dreams.

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