Tricks You Can Use With Interior Design in Your New Home

Tricks You Can Use With Interior Design in Your New Home

Tricks You Can Use With Interior Design in Your New Home

October 8, 2021

Decorating a new home is exciting. You have a blank canvas to work with to create your own unique masterpiece! There are a lot of design tricks out there, but the following can help make your home feel like it reflects your style and personality.

Set the Mood With Color

When designing the different spaces in your home, Lux Deco says color is key to defining rooms. Different colors elicit different mood responses, which you can play with depending on how you want to feel in certain rooms. Light, warm blues and greens can make you feel calm and think of new beginnings, which makes them great for bathrooms. Yellows tend to be viewed as warm, friendly colors that do well in kitchens. Red is a very stimulating color that works well for a dining room. While painting your walls is a good way to bring color to a room, you don’t have to go this route. Add color in accents through rugs, throw pillows, lamps, and wall art.

Make Spaces Look Bigger

You can trick the eyes of your guests into making your house look bigger than it is with some easy tips. For instance, adding large mirrors on the wall makes a room seem deeper, and can reflect artificial and natural light, making the room brighter as well. According to Clearview Frameless Glass and Mirror, glass shower doors create the illusion of a bigger bathroom and let more natural light in. Clearing out some clutter can help too, as organized spaces with less objects in them seem larger. Light, contrasting colors in a room can also make it seem bigger, especially if paired with good lighting.

Play With Asymmetry 

A lot of what you may find in some home design magazines is rooms with perfect symmetrical picture frames, and perfectly arranged symmetrical throw pillows on couches. But, according to Livinator, a little bit of asymmetry is more visually interesting and can allow you to be more creative when designing rooms. Asymmetry in a room also makes it seem more casual and relaxed. So don’t feel like you have to match two end tables perfectly on either side of the couch, or have a bookcase on either side of the fireplace. Mix it up by grouping design elements in odd numbers, or pivot accent chairs at different angles.

While there is a lot of home design advice, don’t worry too much about trying to design a home for a magazine. Make design choices that create a home you love and feel comfortable living in. A home that reflects your personality and taste will be one you feel proud to own!

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