The Best Items to Add to Your House Plans

The Best Items to Add to Your House Plans

The Best Items to Add to Your House Plans

November 7, 2019

Building a home that is truly unique and suited for your needs requires a lot of careful work and planning. Thankfully, the best house plans Marion and Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer can include a variety of fun items that make your home more appealing. These items may not be specifically needed – many are quite luxurious in their design – but getting them is an excellent idea if you want your home to stand out from others.

On-Demand Water Heater

What is worse than jumping in a shower in the morning and getting blasted with ice-cold water? When we figure something out, we’ll let you know. However, you never have to worry about this problem again if you add an on-demand water heater to your house plans. This option is a smart one because it means that you will have hot water when you need it without using a lot of energy to get it.

A growing number of people are adding this option to their home as a way of making it more comfortable. For example, those who own large bathtubs and saunas often want these water heaters because of the benefits that they provide. Know that they will be a little larger than other water heaters on the market but should keep your water hot as long as you want it. Now that’s a great addition to any home!

Dual-Kitchen Designs

When you’re working in the kitchen, you want to be able to do your thing without others getting in your way. And the same thing is right of everyone else in the home – they want to be able to use the sink, chop food, and prepare dishes without disruption. Thankfully, high-quality dual-kitchen workplaces can help you get the room that you need for your home’s kitchen and the extra area your family needs.

In this type of kitchen, you get double everything you would typically have in your kitchen. This includes double stoves, microwaves, cabinet space, sinks, and garbage cans. As you can imagine, this extra cost will make your home plans more expensive than others. However, it is more than worth it if you have a large family or plan on hosting many parties in your home.

Skylights Throughout the House

If you and your family love stargazing and want to do it even when the winter comes around, there’s nothing quite like skylights. Add these to your bedroom or living areas, and you can get a broad and nearly panoramic view of the sky. Turn off all of the lights, lay on your back, and you can check out various formations and patterns in the sky. This option is particularly great if you live in a rural area.

However, you need to be prepared for the fact that skylights in your house plans do decrease your heating efficiency. Simply put, the heat in your home is more likely to rise up through your skylights and escape than it would in a thicker roof. As a result, you may want to minimize how many you add to your home or spread them in such a way that everybody gets access to at least one. The option is ultimately up to you.

A Small Elevator

While it might seem a bit excessive to install an elevator in your new home, they have many advantages. If you have older people who live with or visit you, lifts can be a useful way for them to get up and down in your home. An elevator also helps to move heavy objects that you would otherwise have to hobble upstairs. The benefits are many and unique with a lift.

Just as importantly, a well-maintained elevator helps to keep your home useful for you as you age. When you reach a certain age and struggle to walk upstairs, you’ll love your elevator and use it often. Just make sure that you have a phone installed on it and that you also get maintenance from elevator professionals every year. Getting trapped in a broken-down elevator is no laughing matter.

Sun Tunnels in Appropriate Rooms

While skylights may serve a similar purpose in many homes, sun tunnels are a little different. In essence, they bring in light to areas that would otherwise be quite dark. For example, adding a sun tunnel to the roof of your closet – where there are no windows – can help increase its natural light. This benefit is also crucial in long hallways that don’t have a lot of natural light.

Even better, you can add sun tunnels to bathrooms that don’t have windows and which need natural light to make a person feel healthier. Adding these items to your house plans is often quite similar to adding skylights. And you also run into the same complications – less heating efficiency. If you have the money, you may want to install doors that close when these windows are not in use.

Secret Rooms

Lastly, you might want to consider adding secret rooms to your house when getting it built. This might seem like something a secret agent might do, but it can be a lot of fun if you do it right. For example, you can have stairs lift with the push of a button to reveal a game room. These kinds of fun secrets are commonly utilized in many home plans because they can save on room and give you a cool place to hang out. Some can even be used as safe rooms that protect you from danger if people enter your home with the intent to harm you or your family.

Create the Home That You Deserve

As you can see, the items listed here are somewhat fanciful, but fun, and will add a lot to your home. If you can’t afford all of them, you can at least try one or two. Add these items to your house plans in Marion or Cedar Rapids, Iowa to find yourself much entertained. And contact us at Martin Built Homes if you want to utilize these fun and innovative ideas in your new house.

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