The Benefits of Adding Insulation to Your Home

The Benefits of Adding Insulation to Your Home

The Benefits of Adding Insulation to Your Home

July 11, 2022

Insulation is essential – that should be common knowledge for any homeowner. Have you ever thought about adding some to your home, whether or not you already have insulation in place? The benefits decidedly outweigh the costs.

Control Temperatures

This is the primary function of insulation. During the cold seasons of the year, it keeps the heat inside and the cold air out. During the hot seasons, it keeps the hot air out and the cool air pumped from your vents inside. By adding insulation, you will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of that function, thus having cooler summers and warmer winters. Or rather – you will have cool summers and warm winters without having to pay as much as you normally would. Insulation helps you save on the costs of overworked utility systems that have to work overtime to maintain a certain temperature as the hot or cold leaks out of the house.

Reduce Noise

While only a byproduct of insulation’s primary function, the notable reduction of noise in your house will nevertheless still be useful. Insulation is most often installed by lining walls, ceilings, and floors, meaning that it creates a buffer between every room. It also isn’t a substance that is professionally made specifically to reduce noise, so it’s not comparable to noise-canceling foam that you might find lining the walls of a recording studio. But, for example, insulation will help reduce the noise from upstairs that you hear in the basement. Perfect for a family large enough to need a little bit of distance and privacy between a parent trying to get some rest and a teen practicing the drums, or some kids playing loudly.

A Healthy Home

Because of the vital role that insulation plays in the maintenance of temperatures, climate, and the relationship between the outside and inside, it also plays an important role in the maintenance of the health of your home. It is, after all, abnormal temperatures, climates, and humidity that can cause serious problems in your house. Pests, mold, and weathering are a few examples of what insulation can prevent. You still may find such occurrences at the extremities of your home, like in the attic; but ultimately you will likely avoid them throughout the rest of the house.

If you don’t already have insulation, you should probably get some installed as soon as possible. It’s vital to the maintenance of a stable, comfortable home! If you feel like your insulation might be lacking, as reflected by your energy bill, don’t hesitate to get some more installed.

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