Features That Will Make Your Home More Bearable in the Summer

Features That Will Make Your Home More Bearable in the Summer

Features That Will Make Your Home More Bearable in the Summer

June 10, 2022

The summer can be a wonderful time, full of fun and relaxation. However, depending on the weather in your location, it can also be miserably hot. Here are some small, basic features that you can add to a custom house in order to make the summer a little more doable.

Central Air

The importance of a central air system really cannot be overstated. It offers ease of use, with a thermostat for versatile use of both heating and cooling. It also tends to be considered the standard for residential homes (especially in more extreme climates), so it will probably be expected from most homeowners and potential buyers. Some locations may have a climate extreme enough that not having some kind of central air system would render it nigh unlivable. Climates that are excessively hot and humid benefit greatly from a cooled air system.


Properly installed, high-quality installation works both ways. It keeps the cool inside in the summer months and keeps the heat inside in the winter months. It essentially seals the climate of your house, rendering your central air system effective. After all, what use is plenty of cool air if it’s just going to seep out quickly through the walls and windows? It also saves you money – since poor insulation can make your HVAC less efficient. Make sure that the insulation is everywhere that it should be according to building code and standard construction practice – including attics and basements.

Portable Cooling Appliances

Basic air conditioning is a must. But just in case something goes wrong, or you’re trying to cool off on the porch, you should make sure to have some other devices handy that can cool you down. Electric fans – which come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and power levels – are the most common and practical option. Get one that’s battery-powered if you want to take it outside the house. Using sprinklers, hoses, water guns, and water balloons can be a fun and simple way to cool off in the yard. Appliances designed to turn the water into mist can be a fantastic fixture to a back porch that cools you down and saves a little bit of water.

If you’re not careful with your summer shenanigans, you might find that it’s all too easy to become dehydrated or to get heat stroke in the summertime. That’s why you need to prepare. Having some of the most basic elements of a livable house in the summer can drastically change your ability to relax properly.

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