Do You Need An Outdoor Balcony for Your Home?

Do You Need An Outdoor Balcony for Your Home?

Do You Need An Outdoor Balcony for Your Home?

July 2, 2019

Your home design in Marion, Iowa integrates a myriad of unique elements that make it stand out from other homes in your neighborhood. However, you have been thinking about adding a balcony to your home but aren’t sure if it is right for you. This uncertainty is understandable, but balconies provide more benefits than downsides.

So if you’re debating the benefits of balconies and still aren’t sure if they’re right for you, it is essential to understand their many advantages. Simply put, you’ll get more good out of balconies than you do bad. However, you should understand the few situations in which they aren’t an excellent choice to ensure that you don’t make a mistake and install a home item that you don’t need.

Great Place for Pets

Owning pets can be a significant challenge because they need a lot of outdoor time and fresh air. However, you can provide your pet with easy access to this fresh air by installing an outdoor balcony in your home. Tweak your home design to include this element, and you will be doing your cat or dog a huge favor by giving them a safe place to hang out.

For example, your dog could be put on a balcony while you are away for a few hours to give them an easy view of the neighborhood and a fun place to relax and play while you’re gone. And cats – who often enjoy spending time outside watching birds – will significantly appreciate a balcony as well. Just make sure the walls are too high for either pet to leap over.

Bird storage is another excellent pet-based use for a balcony. For example, putting a caged bird on a balcony helps give them access to a little fresh air and protects them from cats and other predators. This benefit is significant for many birds because they often feel trapped in their cage and appreciate the view that sitting outside on a balcony provides.

Fun Outdoor Working Spot

If you like to spend time working outside but work in an office-like environment at home, you may want to add an outdoor balcony for a little changeup. For example, you could add a desk with protected electrical plugs so that you could work outside from time to time. This benefit is huge because the fresh air will clear your mind, the sun will improve your mood, and the change could help trigger new creativity in your job.

Even if you don’t work outside during the day, you could take breaks outside while you work to relax during tense parts of the day. For example, you could take a smoke break on the balcony and try to think up new ideas or – if you don’t smoke – sit down and let the outdoor environment inspire you. The options are endless here if you’re willing to work for it.

Even better, you could do a few workouts in this area while you’re outside to achieve a higher state of relaxation. For example, you could do your morning jumping jacks, jog in place, or even do yoga while on your balcony and as the sun comes up. This option will make your outdoor terrace a better choice for your home design and will ensure that you get the most out of this excellent idea.

Expanded Living Space

Home design is all about maximizing your living space within a limited area and making your home as livable as possible. An excellent outdoor balcony – particularly a wraparound design – is one of the best ways to meet this goal. Simply put, a balcony immediately expands your living space by turning some of your outdoor areas into a place where you can hang out.

For example, you can hold a party on your balcony or use it as a hangout area during your many party situations. Or you can sit outside on it when you need to get away from family members or to relax during the warm days of the month. This expanded living area is likely the most significant advantage of a balcony and one of the main reasons people seek them out.

Surprisingly, outdoor balconies can also be used in another unexpected way – storage. For example, you can place items such as grills on your balcony when they aren’t in use. Larger balconies may even have a storage shed where you can set many things. As a result, your interior area will be more comfortable and easier to enjoy because of a lack of clutter.

Why You Might Not Want a Balcony

Although a majority of homeowners will enjoy a high-quality balcony on their home, some individuals may not want one. In some cases, a person may not have enough room to add a balcony to their home. For example, their house may be too close to the property line or homes of other individuals and make adding a balcony an impossible task.

Other people may lack the money to add one to their home. Most home building projects are on a very tight budget and require choosing which amenities you want and which you can’t afford. In many cases, a balcony is an excellent choice to cut. Though it does offer a lot of benefits to a home, it is often a luxury item that doesn’t add as much value as others.

You may also find balconies to be an unattractive or unnecessary addition to your home. For example, you may want a streamlined and modern home look that focuses on exterior simplicity rather than extravagant styles. In this situation, you typically shouldn’t add a balcony to your house. However, a vast majority of individuals will enjoy adding this element to their home design.

Get Help With Your Home Building

As you can see, balconies provide many benefits that more than make them worth your time. While they may have a few drawbacks or a handful of scenarios in which they aren’t strictly necessary for your home’s specialized design, most of the time you’re going to get good results out of adding them to your home. Therefore, it is crucial to decide if you want one or if you think they aren’t right for you.

So if you want to add a balcony to your home design near Marion, Iowa, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more. Our professionals will sit down with you and help you better understand your building options. Then, we will come up with a home plan that utilizes balconies and that looks attractive and appealing to others as well.

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